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 I've had the pleasure of being a professional makeup artist since 2014. I received my makeup certification from Eveline Charles Academy. I've had the opportunity to work in film and fashion as well as having some of my work published in Wedding Bells magazine but what I'm very passionate about is utilizing my makeup skills to bring out the inner beauty in all of my clients.

Makeup is more than just a painted face — it’s a chance for people to enhance the beauty that is already there as well as increasing confidence in those of us who could use a boost! I think the key to being a great makeup artist is ensuring you are staying up to date on current trends, always learning new skills as well as offering top-of-the-line products for your clients.

 Above all else  —staying professional, having fun, taking the opportunity to really get to know your client and making them smile, that is what makes an outstanding makeup artist. 

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